CEE 5414 – Finite Element Analysis of Structures

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Instructor: Yannis Koutromanos

Course Topics

-Review of matrix analysis of discrete systems
-Strong and weak form for one-dimensional problems
-Finite element formulation of one-dimensional problems
-Isoparametric elements and numerical integration
-Data structures and stiffness matrix assembly in finite element programs
-Strong and weak form for multi-dimensional scalar and vector field problems
-Finite element formulation for multi-dimensional problems
-Isoparametric elements and numerical integration – patch test
-Programming the finite element method
-Finite element analysis of beam and shell structures
-Finite element analysis for time-dependent (dynamic) problems (if time allows)
-Special topics: locking in finite element solutions, mixed formulations, reduced integration approaches (if time allows)

Other Course Information


-CEE 4404 (Computer Analysis of Structures) or Similar
-Programming Skills (e.g., MATLAB, Mathematica, Mathcad, Fortran or C++) required.

Grading Policy: Grade is determined by

1) weekly homework assignments
2) midterm exams
3) final exam